Yonsama and a book

I am really impressed with this latest post in Xiaoyi's blog, and can't resist posting it here. It really unveils how Yong Joon ssi went about creating his photobook :

What Does Yon-sama have to do with a book ?

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Notice: this is posted on a blog. The writer seems to be a person related with YJ's book.

“What does Yon-sama have to do with a book?"

Watching Sunbae(先輩) going through the long process of photographing, interview, writing, and editing... my doubt completely disappeared.

The introduction of Korean culture that even Koreans don't know quite well.
I am glad that instead of bragging "I've met this famous people and have learnt this much", he started with the statement that "I don't know much, either."

As he goes close to the object with his heart and without pretense, his book is easy to read and leaves a deep impression in one's mind.

As a publisher, I think this book is a really good book that will bring the writer and the readers much close to each other. This kind of book doesn't come everyday.

I started this book with prejudice and misunderstanding, but now my heart starts to beat just by looking at the first page.

Source : Xiaoyi's blog, Dear Yong Joon. Thank you so much Xiaoyi !! Hope you don't mind me reposting :)


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