Bae Yong Joon is discharged from hospital

Bae Yong-joon discharged from hospital

Credit : The Korea Herald,

Bae Yong-joon, a top South Korean actor popular in Japan and other Asian countries, was discharged from a hospital Monday after five days of treatment for septicemia, believed to have been caused by extreme fatigue and stress, his management agency said, Yonhap News reported.

BOF, the actor's management, said the actor left the hospital around 5 p.m. to prepare to promote his new book, with his health improved substantially.

Bae was admitted to a Seoul hospital Thursday after his blood pressure and blood sugar levels fell sharply, the agency said on Sunday. Tests showed he was suffering from early stages of septicemia.

"Bae has lost a lot of weight and appears to have grown weaker after working hard over the past year on a book that looks into the issue of Korean aesthetics," an agency official said.



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