Before I go to work....

Before I go to work [ I know it's Sunday here...but...] I'm putting up my mom's pale pale orchids...I've tried every way I could, including putting something dark behind the flowers to bring their beauty out.... but always came up with pale and hazy images. Ended up darkening them in picasa a bit :( Have a nice weekend every one, see you all later....

O dear...there's a bee's butt...hahaha...


purpleheaven said…
Hi Myoce dearest,
Hoping you as always all the best, happy and healthy family. It's one great lazy afternoon for me too here in the Phils., sun still not shine behind dark clouds (raining still).
Well, just dropping by to greet you and i want to tell you that i am loving your page... let me hang out here (sshh.. i haven't gone them all from the start, give me time ok?) tnx.
I like those pics you have taken, those flowers and all. Blogging is fun, eh? Err, one day i will bug you how to customize the blogpage, hope you won't mind,.... teacher?

bunch of love,
myoce said…
Hi Purpleheaven !

Thanks for the wishes and greetings.

Yep, blogging is fun and addictive^^

You don't have to read all that's in here he he he. just choose the ones that interest you,

Oh...I hope I'll be able to answer your questions !

Sooo nice to talk to you again, thanks for dropping by^^

Big bunch of love,

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