Bae Yong Joon is hospitalized...

OH, I'm so sad !.... just read this in BYJ's Quilt !!!!!!

Translated and posted by Joanne :
Gaeulyeoja posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home.

BYJ is hospitalized as he was down from overwork
[Yonhap News]9/20/09 16:18

BYJ is hospitalized as he was down with sepsis.
"His immunity had weakened due to overwork and stress"

It was known belatedly that top star BYJ was hospitalized due to sepsis.

BOF, BYJ's agency revealed on 20, "Mr. BYJ was admitted to a hospital in Kangnam on past 17, as he fell as blood sugar and blood pressure dropped suddenly," and "After examination, early stage of sepsis was diagnosed. The result was out that his immunity decreased due to overwork and stress."

Continuing on, saying that "It seems that BYJ 's nerves became very edgy while he wrote a book recently. He lost weight a lot and his body seemed to became very weak, as he wrote pouring his heart and blood (with great devotion)," (BOF) added that "There is no other abnormality, and he is currently taking rest getting IV solution (Ringer's solution.)."

BYJ became very much wasted as he lost weight over 10-lbs while writing 'Travel left to explore beauty of Korea', a photoessay informing Korea, for over one year.

He has commemorative meeting for publication in National Central Museum on 22 ahead of him, and he will attend promotion event for animation 'WLS' and commemorative meeting of publication of the book in Tokyo, Japan, on 29 and 30.

His agency told, "In addition to accumulation of exhaustion while he prepared the book, he lately worked staying up every day for finishing work. Also, he seems to become very senstive with big event ahead of him in Korea and Japan one after another," and "Although we worry a lot as we have commemorative meeting for publication ahead of us on 22, it seems that he is able to be discharged prior to that."

Reported by Yoon Goeun, in Seoul
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