Heo Young Saeng in Easy Magazine

Oh, MiniUFO posted these yesterday in her blog SS501UFO...I couldn't resist [my resistance only lasted one night] and just had to steal have it for my blog...can't wait till she finishes all ^^ Thanks, miniUFO !

SS501 in Easy Magazine Oct 2009 - Young Saeng Portion

Credit: (Scanned Magazine) BabyJoey@www.hyunjoongchina.com + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com
Please repost with full credit.

Heo Young Saeng x 10 Keywords

KW1 Otter
As member Jung Min think that Young Saeng's face is similar to an otter, especially when he smile, so he started to call him 'Otter', and slowly everybody else also follow suit.

KW2 水水 (Shui Shui)
Also one of the nickname of Young Saeng, mostly called by China fans. It is the cute form of Otter, in addtion to Young Saeng's young & fresh looked, everybody think that this is a suitable title for him.
(Note: the chinese word for 'Otter' is '獭', and 'young & fresh' is '嫩', so this nickname is formed by taking the first character of this 2 words, i.e. '水水'. The actual meaning of '' is water. :D)

KW3 Young Girl
When in Hong Kong, Young Saeng was pushed out by the other members to perform Girl's Generation's cute dance 'Gee'. His shy expression is similar to a pure young girl, very adorable. He had also disguised in lady look on screen many times, his beauty even made Hyun Joong wanted to take him as wife.

KW4 Friend
Seemingly shy Young Saeng actually has very good relationship with people. As he was once a trainee from SM, therefore he has very close relationship with DBSK's JeaJoong, YunHo, and also Super Junior's Siwon. He had even stayed together with JeaJoong before.

KW5 Self portrait
Nice looking Young Saeng is also similar to many who love to take self portrait. It has even become an addiction to him. He is very good in choosing the correct angle. Of course sometimes he will pull in the other members, the kind Kyu Jong was always asked to take photo together.

KW6 Ideal type
In the Hong Kong fan meeting, Young Saeng mentioned that he like the look when a girl bite the hair band and tie her long hair. On the spot, he borrowed a fan's hair band and bit it in his mouth to demonstrate it, causing a commotion.

KW7 Sexy Man
Hyun Joong once exposed, there was once when he went to Young Saeng's home, when two of them was having fun, suddenly Young Saeng become sentimental and start to light up candle in his room and almost caused his room to burn down.

KW8 Heo Kim Kim (许金金)
' 许金金' was always mistaken as another nickname of Young Saeng. Actually it is a combination title which fans created to represent the team during the time when Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong & Kim Hyung Joon promoting their 'U R Man' album.
(Note: This title '许金金' is a combination of their surname)

KW9 Being sneak attack
The way Young Saeng being sneak attack was different from Hyun Joong, because the sneak attack was by his own team members. The reason is because Young Saeng has a otter lookalike face that is very lovable, so the rest of the members like to pinch his face.

KW10 Like to look good
As he cares a lot of his image, he had once run away from the camera and used a hat to cover his messy hair when just woke up. This is just to retain of his screen image.


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