Some words strugling to get out..

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Took this pix of a broken mushroom at our back yard many months ago....didn't know what to do with it, but it looked good enough to post after I darkened it some.

Yep, there are some words I've got to get out of me. How to start? ...well..... first, you've got to know that I'm not like other bloggers who are consistent to one subject in their blog. I talk about many things that interest me [ but don't interest anybody ].....I make things that I think are funny [but nobody else does], and I take some things seriously [ which nobody thinks are serious].....after thinking it over, I have to seriously review my reasons to become a blogger.

Hmmm.... didn't become a blogger by design, y'know....I became a blogger by accident. Yep ! I clicked something in someone's blog by accident and there came out a new page about the three simple steps to publish a blog in Blogger. I thought it would do no harm just to try it out till the second step and abandon it...just wanted to see what it was like. Well, I continued till the third step anyway and was surprised when the words "Your Blog is Published" appeared. When I saw the blog, I couldn't make myself delete it !

Truthfully, I'm scared to see many people coming to this blog and horrified to see an increase in my followers ...oh ... of course I'M HAPPY ...REALLY, TRULLY DELIGHTED !! But I'm also sad to disappoint anybody if I don't update much [ I remember on 6.6.2009, Hyun Joong's Birthday, 200 people visited my blog...and I was in an island and had no internet connection...OH, me was sooo horrified !! ].

Oh...what was that I wanted to say?...Oh yes, just wanted to say " Please don't take my blog so seriously, OK ! " ...I'm not that dedicated^^

Hmm...I think those are the words I wanted to blurt out ^____^


Hyds said…
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Hyds said…
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Hyds said…
You know why they come to you?? Because you are real and a natural blogger!! I truly admire what comes out of that creative mind of yours..Just BRILLIANT ideas!!!
Love you loads,
myoce said…
Hi Hyds....

he he I deleted the 2 others and just publish this one...hope you don't mind.

Almost didn't publish this !! You're making me big headed !! Ha ha... y'know, I really did panic about this...still do sometimes...

But your words will be my motivation to do better !!

Returning the compliment, me thinks you're a BRILLIANT budding photographer who really seriously studies the details !! Me, I just snap around and leave the result to my poor instant camera !!

Thanks ! Love you a big bunch !!

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