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Let's go back to SS501 Kokoro days...I really want to know about this, since I'm a recent fan of theirs. You just CAN'T MISS clicking here for SS501 live performance of Kokoro. Kokoro, SS501's first single in Japan debuted at number 5 on the Oricon chart and jumped to number 3 the next day....something very very shocking for a new group...and they were not Japanese !

If you'd like to see another live Kokoro performance of SS501, you could click here the video's sound is not strong, but you could see SS501's powerful dancing. Kokoro became the Ending Theme Song for the Blue Dragon Anime, click here to see it.

In the Kokoro Special Edition Album [there's one for every member] there is Kim Hyun Joong's solo song, "Rize Up" below is Hyun Joong singing it live. If you want to hear a better audio of the song , click here :

Video from YT by dunglacoste

If you see this kind of truck in your city, will you follow ?

I'd make sure I take pictures posing in front,
on the sides and
at the back of this truck ^^
They're on their way....

They sure look good at night time :)

There is this one song " The Wings of The World"...that ...when SS501 sings it, the words are so touching that most of them could not help crying....Young Saeng said in an interview once that the words really touched him very much and he couldn't help crying every time he sings it. In fact, this song is very meaningful for every member of SS501, as they too have a dream of being a star and are working very hard towards that dream [I think they are fulfilling it now ^^] . In this live performance Hyun Joog looked so serious, Kyu Jong started crying in the middle [ you could even hear his sobs..] Baby had a hard time containing tears while singing, even Jung Min's eyes betrayed him .... and at the end, Young Saeng just broke down and cried. You can see it here [ a very clear video]. Or see this one :

Video from YT by skypoem

And here is the song with the English translation. One more link before I go, from their heart to heart tour in Japan, here. Okie dokie, have a great weekend !

Photo credits to DSP Japan


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