DDOB 43 - Fish Pix ?

Got this scanned image from BYJGallery by Miemi. He he...every other baeblog will have already put this up...and I'm late as it is ^^ Oh seems it was when Yong Joon ssi went around gathering infos and taking pics for his book....so...will we see a photograph of these drying fish in his book ? Or maybe his interest was somewhere else. Will certainly be waiting for that English version :) But if it's too long coming, then the Korean version will do ^^

Oh, Xiaoyi has posted news from Keyeast ...
The site for Bae Yong Joon’s book has already been flooded with inquiries and strong public interest in Japan. KEYEAST, in commemoration of the book’s publication, will host a large press conference in Korea in mid-September and host an unprecedented event at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo,Japan in late-September, expecting over 50,000 people to attend.
You can click here for the full post. Thank you Xiaoyi and Tomato byj !


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