Hyun Joong - follow up

Hm...there's an update on Leader's condition in KHJ thread Soompi Forum by susAmerica [ thanks so much for sharing the news ! edit : I just read in Liezle's blog that susAmerica translated the article ...thanks, you're an angel !] the info is from Korean Daily News. It says that leader is currently in a hospital in Tokyo, he was transferred to Tokyo on the 7th for diagnosis and more complete tests, and that it was confirmed on 8th that he has the new flu or the swine flu.

Oh, I read at one time his fever went up to 39.5 degrees celcius, but after having treatment, his temperature went down. He has to be quarantined in the hospital for about 15 days. And after recovery, he has to stay in the hospital at least for 5 more days, before he is certified to leave Japan.

It's good to know from this news there's the same info with the news in The Korean Herald : The other SS501 members left on the 7th after they were confirmed that they do not have any signs of the flu.

Oh, is this true ?? Then Leader will be in Japan for rather an extended period. But I hope he will get well soon and the long rest will do him good !


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