Hyun Joong maybe in Japan 4 a month?

O dear....if it's really necessary for him to do that then his immune defense must be low, better stock up on distractions for him so he won't be bored. Personally I feel it's the best for him, because his health has always been fragile since he was filming BOF and kept up a grueling schedule. He could really use the long observation and convalescence period in the hospital. I hope he doesn't turn his full charm on the nurses to make them let him have his ways [do things the doc forbids...what were you thinking !!] and breaking hearts right and left ^^ Maybe Triple S of Japan had better set up a patroling schedule around the hospital...just incase naughty patient Hyun Joong decides he's had enough and tries to escape from the hospital !! Oh, please...I'm just kidding ...Leader will be more worried for your health than you are :)

I've been haunting Allkpop and saw GhostWriter, who appeared again with this news :
A representative from DSP Media stated that, "His health has improved greatly since he first fell ill over the weekend. However, he will have to stay in Japan from anywhere from two weeks up to a month for treatment."
If you'd like the whole story, click here.

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