SS501 Dancer also contracted H1N1

There are many updates on Hyun Joong's condition, Baby's environmental program, SS501's MV shooting in Malaysia and about Hyun Joong's mom [and dad] being by his bed side I'm sure you've read elsewhere. So sorry for not being able to be updated about things. And we've learned that previously Hyun Joong condition was serious, but now he is slowly recovering. I hope his condition progresses positively....OHH ! I really really hope that he will be given ample time to recover THIS TIME !!

Oh, here's the latest news [for now] that Mini UFO translated in Thank you so much for making it easier for us to follow SS501's activities and to see updates on Leader's condition , as we are so anxious about him ! Hoping that SS501's dancer who also fell sick will get the best of treatment and recover soon.

Following Kim Hyun Joong, SS501 group dancer also contracted H1N1

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Following by the SS501 member Kim Hyun Joong who was quarantine in Japan for AH1N1 medication, another dancer who went together with the team to Japan was also contracted AH1N1.

10 September, his management agency made an official release: "SS501 group members and also all staff who attended the events were being examined on 9 September. Only one of the dancer had signs of fever and was confirmed contracted AH1N1 influenza. Other than this dancer, the rest of them appeared normal.

On the other hand, it was reported that Kim Hyun Joong has gradually showing signs of recovery. 10 Sept, his management firm spokesperson said: "Although there is still signs of influenza, his body temperature was gradually decreased. Once he recovered, he will go back to Korea.


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