Oh, Glad Hyun Joong's parents are there...

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Hyun Joong's parents have gone to Japan as soon as they heard the news ! Oh that's good ! I was sad for him cos he's alone ...with only one manager there...maybe the manager couldn't be too close to him as he's in isolation. I feel much better now his mom's there....she must have been worried sick that her youngest is ill with the H1N1, in a foreign land.....I'd have done the same if it were my child...frantic and flying there as soon as possible.

Also Jung Min, Young Saeng , Kyu Jong and Hyung Joon will be tested for H1N1 today...wishing them the best. I'm also glad that the SS501 project team is going to receive Hyun Joong's Award at the SDA..and perform "UR man" and " Because I'm Stupid"......our efforts in voting for Kim Hyun Joong every day were not in vain !!....I hope DSP keeps updating the news on Hyun Joong and let us know of his condition.

SS501 Fighting !!


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