Bae Yong Joon's book sold out from preorders, now on 5th printing

I just read this in an entry by Alex in allkpop :
The legendary Bae Yong Joon's upcoming book, "Journey In Search of Korea's Beauty," consisting of a series of photography from his journey and essays, has sold out just from pre-orders! The book is on its fifth set of printing, meaning the previous four sets have all been sold out, making it unprecedented in the publishing industry.

Over 400 people attended the actor's press conference regarding the book. A representative of Seed Paper, the publishing company responsible for Yon-sama's book said that the book was "so wanted that we didn't have enough copies to satisfy the wanted quantity."
"We are actually hoping that the amount of pre-orders decreases," said the representative with excessive excitement, "We are currently waiting for the fifth set of copies to be completed so that we can take in more orders."

Book stores were overfilled with fans when the news of the book lacking copies was released, agitating employees with thousands of questions regarding the state of the book. Publishing officials are forecasting "Journey In Search of Korea's Beauty" to slowly climb on to the position of bestseller.

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