Triple S, you will like this, I know...

Ohhh..... would you like to see Young Saeng and Baby acting as Yu Jin and Jun Sang in the famous drama Winter Sonata?? See Baby voice act a fish ? err actually I blogged about that one before ^^ And here one of the interviewer is the one playing as Jan Di's mom in BOF !.....Would you like to learn more about SS501 members ? Wanna see Hyun Joong's .....err...messy...*no other word for it, sorry, Leader * music studio ? Would you like to see how really nice..nice and funny they are.?..Well, these 7 videos I saw in SS601 by κΏ€ are just right for you. Since I'm not allowed to put them here, I'll give you all the links. Happy watching ^____^

PS. Don't forget to say something in your prayers for Hyun Joong and SS501 members. Baby's not fit as usual too...his DJ ing schedule is cancelled :( Maybe cos he's too busy filming the environmental program.

GOODDAY SS501 Special from YT by SuperstarSubbing [Thanks very much for the sub !!] :

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