Some Family Outing links....for you

Hi! I haven't been updating BYJ stuff,  SS501 stuff and Leader's stuff much. Life could get so busy ^^ Sometimes I come home, open the blog and just slump in font of my laptop like a zombie [ with looks to match, I'm sure :( ] .I  couldn't make my fingers do any walking for updates ! I scanned the latest news and interesting posts...came back here exhausted,logged out and went to poor blog.

But now I am able to crawl around for bits and pieces ....nothing heavy, cos I'm still tired. Before I give you the links, I hope Hyun Joong is resting like he is below, so he could have a strong and healthy comeback with his brothers in SS501.

Ok, lets be quiet and let Hyun Joong dream on ....shhh.....

Here's a link that will take you to all 8 English subbed videos of the first part of Family Outing which Leader participated in. Click and scroll down HERE. Thank you to BEASTmode in allkpop and my love to iBreatheLifeMusic for the sub and the vods in YT.

Here's another link that will take you to another 8 videos of the second part of Family Outing, which have not yet been subbed : Click and scroll down  HERE. Thank you to SS501UFO and my love to Shirbogirl for the vods in YT !!

Ok, enjoy yourselves !

Photo credit : as labeled, SBS and SS601


Catherine said…
Haha how many parts of Family Outing are there?? Loll or is it episodes?? :]

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