SS501 - Malaysia Signing Event (updated)

Oh, Terimakasih Banyak [Thank you so much] to all Malaysian Triple S es who have uploaded so many pix and fancam and fan account to the web. You're great ! and you all must be so tired...but happy ,after the events of the last few days ! I read some fan accounts...many people were impressed by Jung Min, who although tired, never failed to smile and be nice to fans. Some also said PJM looked more handsome than in pictures ! Oh wow. He also managed to say a few Malay words to sweet. Over all....SS501 made great impression on Malaysia fans, smiling and being their sweet selves :)

Credits for above photos : Satira Diana, Hurmutube/

Photo credits for above : Pantip, Hurmutube/

OH....It's good bye..till later !! ...

Baby's beautiful smile..

Hyun Joong at the air port counter before departure...

Terimakasih banyak,SS501. Terimakasih Jung Min ! You're wonderful !

Credits of above photos:, Malaysia Triple S Blog / wawa,


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