In Love with Nodame Cantabile

Chiaki and Nodame [Hiroshi Tamaki & Juri Ueno]

Maybe I'm very late to fall head over heals over Nodame Cantabile...but I'm so happy to have found it !! The drama is based on an award winning manga series by Tomoko Ninomiya. Thanks Tinkerbell for lending me yours, now I have one of my own :) I think many of you have seen the series. I love the performers and the music. No time to read the manga yet, but the film is good enough for me...looking forward to the release of Nodame Cantabile The Movie in December 2009^^ Here is a link and two related videos ..[ I love the concerts in the film.] The last video is the new movie trailer.

Click here for some scenes from the films.

Video from YT by Free Japanese Channel

Video from YT by munki2006

Photo credit : Crunchyroll


flowerbossa said…
Hi myoce,

Wuri family is a great fan of NODAME too!

My hubby bought the latest manga the other day - vol.22♪♪♪

Juri Ueno & Hiroshi Tamaki are such a cute couple

We're really looking forward to the movie!

myoce said…
Hi Flowerbossa!

So nice to see you.

Oh ! your family too? I watched it with the children. My daughter loves it too [besides Totoro and many others].

I think Nodame is special because of the music !!

Looking forward to read the manga ^_____^

Thank you, Flowerbossa :)


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