Traveling with a ruptured Baker's Cyst

Yup...I accidentally took a pix of my shadow again kekeke...

Warning : my yakety-yak unrelated to anything ^^

I've decided to open up about what has been happening to me...I mean some have seen me hopping and limping along with my it's no use hiding it anymore. I couldn't use my left leg since the 3rd of Sept because my [old] Baker Cyst came back [became bigger] and three days after there was bleeding [black and blue bruises seen from outside]. After several visits to the surgeon and expensive Doppler and Sonogram examinations done, we found out that the Baker's Cyst behind my left knee had ruptured [me have one b'hind my right knee also...sob]. 

If you want to know about Baker's Cyst click here and here sorry I don't have time to explain it to you. I did spend a few day's of anxious time...thinking that it was DVT or Deep Vein Trombosis.

Anyway...I spent a few days in a wheelchair and then I used a crutch ...still using it  now [along with compression stockings] when I have to walk a long way. It so happens that I had to travel alone to Timor in my current state, and I went through a new experience in my travel. There were so many nice people offering airport official asked if I needed a wheelchair...and a technician doing something under the plane asked me if I could go up the stairs by myself to enter the plane. Of course there were people staring at me incredulously...maybe they're thinking, "What is that lady doing...traveling with a crutch, shouldn't she be staying at home?". So there were also the down sides...the steward and I had a hard time stowing my crutch under the seats...we tried stowing it this way and that....obstructing the way for other boarding passengers.

Of course someone with a crutch when starting a conversation will be asked,  "What happened ?"....I've heard it sooo many times that I feel like printing a T-shirt with the story and telling everyone to read's more difficult to explain when most people don't know that a Cyst could occur in other places in your body...not only in the Ovaries kekeke....

I think this is a valuable experience for I know what it is like to be in a wheelchair and what it's like for people who walk with the help of crutches. I hope I will get better soon and can walk far freely,with my own two feet again.....


Momodokkogirl said…
Dear friend, try to look it this way -- much ado over nothing. Well, you just have to hold in your thought that you're your Heavenly Father's daughter, created in His own image n likeness, which is good, perfect, beautiful n healthy. Hold fast to this Truth, let it make a deep impression in your mind and I know The Lord will reveal to you His true purpose for your beautiful self. What is that The Lord couldn't do? What won't He do for us His beloved children? I know He's carrying out His purposes for each of us. All we have to is to be obedient n be grateful for whatever He has in store for us.
Sorry, if I sound a bit patronizing, believe me, that's not my intention. I just want you to know that you've my support n friendship. Bless you.
LENY said…
Hi Myoce,

So sad to hear what happened to you,I hope you can just stay at home and rest to get better the soonest as possible.

I pray for your fast recovery .

Stay safe and rest.

Love, leny
myoce said…
Dear Momo...don't worry, imo everything you say is true. It's just hard for me to be objective when I was still in the middle of "it"...

Next time I'm in a bind, I'll just have to wake up faster and realize it !!

Thanks, I'm glad so many of my friends cares ^^

Oh yes...YOU'RE missed here ^^
Salam dari s'mua...kapan pulang ?
Dicari aoo tuh...hahahaha....

Love, myoce
myoce said…
Dear Leny,

Thank you so much for your prayers, dear sis.

I'm so happy to see you again. Alas, me have to work again coz the term has started. But I'm stronger, I can walk without the crutch now ^___^, I just take the stairs rather slowly ^^

Leny, lots of news about wuri YJ, hope he does a drama in the near future!

Have a productive time at work and have a nice time with your children at home...

Lots of love,

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