Hyun Joong, Kyu Jong & Hyung Joon in Easy Magazine

I'm very grateful to Mini UFO for translating and posting these in SS501UFO blog.  I've compiled the last three member's keywords in this one post, as Young Saeng's and Jung Min's portion was already posted before. Actually there're many things we already know about SS501 written here...but I think it's fun to read again and see some things we missed about them^^

SS501 in Easy Magazine October 2009

Credit: (Scanned Magazine) BabyJoey@www.hyunjoongchina.com + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com
Please repost with full credit.

SS501 Keywords Decode

SS501 is extremely popular currently. Some time ago, the members acted in drama, participated in musical, released solo album and hosted a variety program, each of their individual program was performed impressively. This summer, the 5 members are finally grouped together to prepare for their Asia Tour Concert. Following this, we will decode keywords describing each member.

Kim Hyun Joong x 10 Keywords

KW1 Guitar
As an idol, Kim Hyun Joong loves rock music, normally even when very tired, every night he will take out his guitar and play a song.

KW2 Alarm clock
To SS501, alarm clock is a dreary term. Because of the members 'passion' to sleep, they would definitely ignore the basic function of the alarm clock, especially Hyun Joong who most love to sleep. Even when the alarm clock rang none stop beside him, he can totally ignore it. He is a person who is very difficult to wake up. He would be in a daze even when woke up.

KW3 Naked
Kyu Jong once exposed in a variety show that SS501's leader Kim Hyun Joong don't like to wear clothes to sleep, causing the host to get excited.

KW4 4th dimension
As the leader, Kim Hyun Joong is a practical representative of 4th dimension. Whatever he said would be based on his own thinking, totally ignoring the listener, even when they show him the in doubt expression.

KW5 Little groom
Once participated in variety show 'We Got Married', acted as fake married couple with Hwangbo. Both of them had successfully created the first couple with an older wife and younger husband since the show's debut. Because of the 6 years age gap, he was called 'Little groom'

KW6 Getting married
Spicy lover Kim Hyun Joong when taking meal in Hong Kong poured one whole bottle of chili sauce, making the service personnel in the restaurant stunned. However, the rest of the members has no reaction to it, seems like Hyun Joong might had done this most of the time.

KW7 Ideal type
Gentle Hyun Joong likes broad-minded, gentle, and a girl who can get along well like a friend. It doesn't matter what the age of the girl. Recently he revealed that he will be attracted with girl who has pure qualities.

KW8 Sneak attack
Hyun Joong's face was once 'attacked' by a fan. As the fan did it very fast, he could not even response to it, and was shocked, thinking that he was hit by somebody.

KW9 Classic line
When acting in the popular 'Boys over Flowers' drama, Kim Hyun Joong once said a chinese line: "This beautiful lady, please buy an ice cream', this had became the classic line in China fans' heart.

KW10 Nation sunbae
In Korean 'Boys over Flowers', acted as Yoon Ji Hoo, his perfect looks and improving acting skill had earned him the title 'Nation sunbae'


Kim Kyu Jong x 10 Keywords

KW1 Little Bear
In the 3rd episode of variety show 'Thank you for waking me up', Kyu Jong kept holding onto a big white teddy bear which looked much larger than him, whether playing around together with Hyun Joong or when sleeping, he would hug it. This is how he get the nickname 'Little bear'

KW2 Habit
Kyu Jong has an habit which he wanted to change, that is always using his hand to cover his face.

KW3 Young Saeng
This 'Young Saeng' is definitely not that 'Young Saeng', but it is a name for his fish. Seems like the normally kind Kyu Jong also have another naughty side.

KW4 Kim Eagle
Team Member Jung Min thinks that the look when Kyu Jong put on dark glasses was like an eagle, and started to call Kyu Jong as 'Kim Eagle'

KW5 Light sleeper
Because he is a light sleeper, during the early debut period when filming a variety show, everytime when the host went to SS501 hostel to wake them up, Kyu Jong would be the first to automatically wake up.

KW6 Shy guy
Other than Young Saeng, Kyu Jong is also very shy. During the Taiwan fan meeting, Kyu Jong was at a loss when Hyung Joon snatched his chinese line. Finally he had to say shyly: "This, that, what is this, what is that..." causing the host to bewilder.

KW7 Stranger
Kind Kyu Jong has a point which make people worry. That was during his filming of a variety show, he always woke up not knowing the surrounding people. When ask why, he mentioned he was not sure also. In actual fact, those were staff from his company. Seems like his actual problem was not able to remember these people.

KW8 Ideal type
Once mentioned in a variety show that he likes Wonder Girl's member Kim Yu Bin. Recently, he made a lot of people confused with his likings. He mentioned that he is fear of dogs, so he will be mesmerized when seen a lady walking a dog. Could it be Kyu Jong liked strong and brave girl?

KW9 Japanese ability
In order to develop in Japan, SS501 members had to undergo intensive Japanese class. However during the early stage, only Kyu Jong was able to properly grasp the language and was titled as 'the only person who knows Japanese' among the team.

KW10 Center of SS501
Kyu Jong likes to call himself as 'Center of SS501'. Mainly because his age is the 3rd in the team. Also in the song 'Take U High' he is in charged of the line 'I am standing in the center'.

 Kim Hyung Joon  x 10 keywords 

KW1 Baby
In one variety show Hyung Joong mentioned that his friends called him as 'Baby Joon', the reason is because of his impeccable look and also since he is the youngest and look like a baby.

KW2 Hyung Hyung
Affectionate title called by his fans. Originated from his name 'Hyung Joon' and evolved to 'Hyung Hyung'.

KW3 Cute
As the maknea, he automatically takes on the 'Cute role'. Once in a program in Japan, in order to sell his own album, he had to act cute infront of all the audience.

KW4 Petty
In fan meeting, being selected by team members as 'the most stingy' members,because most of the time when going out to eat, he would not volunteer to pay. In actual fact of course the rest of his elder brothers would not let the maknea pay.

KW5 Mirror
Most fans would think that Young Saeng who cares a lot of his own image would be the person who most liked to look in mirrors, but in actual fact, it is actually Hyung Joon.

KW6 Getting married
Hyung Joon's sweet talk do not lose to Jung Min. In Taiwan's fan meeting when the host ask about his opinion of the local girl, Maknea Hyung Joon answered: "If I grow older, I want to marry all of you." causing the audience to high to the tip.

KW7 Victim
As the youngest in the team, Hyung Joon practically become the victim under the hands of his elder brothers. Even during his birthday, the other 4 members would also join hands to tease him, especially quarrelling with Jung Min, making his fans feel sorry for him and like him.

KW8 Ideal type
Famous for his love for food, even when choosing his ideal type of lady, Hyung Joon just wants a girl that would cook for him and a gentle girl.

KW9 Andrew Kim's voice
Flower boy looks Hyung Joon has a shocking speciality, that is everytime when he woke up, his sweet voice would become coarse like the Korea famous clothes designer Andrew Kim.

KW10 Wierd habit
Jung Min once exposed in fan meeting saying one of the team member has very weird habit. When going to public bath, he do not take out his panties. When Hyung Joon heard that, he deny it by acting dumb. Eventually he was still exposed by Jung Min.


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