Hyun Joong at home resting?

Sure hope so ! If he is now practicing with other members for that Wonderful Korea event on the 27th....then he is very stubborn, or DSP is stubborn and won't let him have enough rest. Even if Hun Joong is so stubborn, DSP should have not listened to him ! We really and truly don't want to read news of Kim Hyun Joong fainting or being rushed to the emergency room again !!! Don't your heart just ache when you hear that about him? isn't that why so many fans create videos uploaded in YT and everywhere , and make banners and posters beseeching Hyun Joong to rest? We always say the words : "Leader, we will wait for you"........ those words are not a lie....and Hyun Joong and DSP should be assured in Triple S's loyalty to SS501 and Leader. We'll wait patiently for the new album or any other SS501's scheduled events ....as long as Leader's health could be recovered. Oh well...I could talk till I foam at the mouth [ I've done several posts on this...sigh...] but it all depends on them....

Here's the news from coolsmurf in allkpop [yes I like allkpop,no bashing now..if there's bashing, then it's not a professional site] :

DSP Media said on the 17th, "Kim Hyun Joong headed straight for home from Kimpo Airport yesterday afternoon, after returning to Seoul from Japan where he had been warded for the H1N1 virus. Unlike what was reported earlier, he will be recuperating at home."

They also revealed information about SS501's new album, "SS501 will release their new album in the latter part of September instead of October. This decision was taken after discussions with Hyun Joong and the other SS501 members. We had originally planned to delay the release of the new album because of Hyun Joong's illness but he has requested to follow the original schedule upon his discharge on the 15th."
Hyun Joong at the airport yesterday. Look at the young lady at the back, wearing the grey sweater with white collar, do you think she's a nurse ?

See...here she is again at the back...usually a nurse accompanies patients when they are not recovered yet or when they are travelling. But it's just a guess... probably she's an airport official or something...hmm...anyhow, I'll be checking the videos again......

Photo credits : Baidu, Mailene at KHJ thread Soompi Forum


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