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KHJ - So . . . "that' happened . .

Okay, first I just want to say I'm confused. Why ? Well, all the KHJ related sites I frequently go to and am a member of, are very quiet and no one is writing posts or ranting or complaining about KE or posting pics of his fan-meet , fan cams or . . . or . . . whatever, instead they are silent. Are they still fans ??  Decided I would continue posting my feelings and opinion on the matter, just to be consistent in my blogging.
I have been blogging about KHJ a lot !!

First . . . of course I'm very sad and disappointed because of KHJ's DUI case, who wouldn't be? I want to say I don't know why it happened . . . but actually I really can take an educated stab on how/why it happened. Really am NOT a fan of S.K's citizens' drinking habit . . . it brings misery : destroys your liver, makes you addicted to it, endangers other people and wastes people's money. Well, with that habit plus all that KHJ's gone through plus all the hard work he's put into prepar…

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