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Actually I'm embarrassed by the number of post I've made this month...but what can I do? When it rains, it pours! ...specially about BYJ...there's really next to nothing news about him when he is in his 'hibernating' period between dramas/acting....and now there's beginning to be a flood of news about him and his book. There's still lots and lots of pics of him from the Press-con on the last 22nd, here I re-post some which show how caring he is to the 'teachers' who taught him their knowledge, which he wrote about in his book :

Photos credit as labeled , Dear Yong Joon/Xiaoyi


Unknown said…
Don't worry about blogging. I've been blogging a lot too!

I can't wait until BYJ gets moving on the Drops of God drama. I'll be wine blogging non-stop! LOL!
myoce said…
Tamar, I will try not to worry...
But I just can't stop the frequency of blogging [so happens that this 2 weeks is sorta a holiday].

Oh WINE !! Maybe I could follow you on that better than on food...sob sob, I'm no cook.....you lost me a lot on that :( me just enjoy looking ...but trying out ...is another thing all together ...sniff.. sniff

terror in the kitchen myoce

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