Kim Hyun Joong, It's okay...we will wait...

Seems that I could have saved my rantings and ravings about Kim Hyun Joong's health condition yesterday...and just post this...If I had known about it. I saw this in bb's blog and will do my part in beseeching Hyun Joong to rest and to eat a lot ...I hope KHJ sees this vod circulating in the internet and gets the message [melchan hopes too].

Source : bb's blog/ ing,
[Thank you Ing, for making this !]


Thuy said…
I hope this is the place you told me. I think my other name (Thuy) will pop up instead of Winnie so if you get this under Thuy don't be surprise......I didn't know you are from Indonesia, how weird, I keep thinking you are here in California because this is where I am.
I don't really know much about other countries including Indonesia, but hopefully i'll be able to travel around the world, I like seeing new faces and exploring new things.
By what you have written, it seem like you have a little store selling things. Since those beads work is not trendy in your country anymore, but Do you have any extra that I can buy, I saw those beads and I just fell in love with it.
I took my test already, I stayed up late studying but i'm a little disappointed, I forgot some answer in the middle of the test, it was a timed test so I couldn't just sit and try to recall the answers. I am amazed that you do this kind of thing, it seem like you are a mom and have your own job, I dont know how you can find time, I am right now struggling to get everything wrap up in school because it will be over soon, but then again, i find time to do this kind of thing that mean I do have time to study right? I'm blabbing away, I should get some sleep before I fall asleep while typing this to you.
Anonymous said…
I came to this blog a year after -but I still feel touched by the fans support and concern over KHJ. I've never seen this happen before -and so I'm amazed how much love you all give to KHJ. I think I understand part of the reason why : Khj practically grew before your eyes from a struggling teenager, persevering for his dreams and ambitions ,his sacrifices and hard work even at the expense of his health to what he has become today.
myoce said…
OOps...I remember I already answered Thuy's comment by email...
myoce said…
Hi Anonymous,

What you say is true, even though I've only known about Kim Hyun Joong and SS501 for about 1 year...I feel protective of them and find myself caring about them as friends / families

I guess I'm 'emotionally-involved' he he


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