Gathering info on KHJ...

Yep ! Me still gathering info....I found out Hyun Joong became worse while on the way to the airport and they rushed him to the hospital. Well, he's receiving treatment now, which is the most important thing.....but then we must cheer him up ! He must be worrying about schedules , family and such .....and I imagine his family must be worried sick about him !!

Here's quotes from K-bites by Sookyeong :
With news that Kim HyunJoong has been down with swine flu, the other SS501 members will also be going for tests for the flu immediately.

Kim HyunJoong had begun to feel unwell from 5th and 6th September during an event for drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’. And then on 7th September when they were heading to the airport to return to Korea, he suddenly developed high fever. He was tested positive for swine flu after being rushed to the hospital.

The full article can be read here.

Now, let's hope all the other members are fit and healthy and their test results come out negative. Seems the schedules for future concerts are out and look full also......Oh......Hyun Joong and every SS501 member must be healthy and store up lots of energy for that !!


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