BOF antics - in my mind...

Photographer : Okay guys, time for a group photo. 

[BOF cast busy positioning themselves]

Kim Bum to Hyun Joong : Hyung, don't put your hands there, it tickles ha ha ha

GooHye Sun : Min Ho're stepping on my foot !! Ouch ouch...

Kim Joon : Waiiiit....I'm not in yet, Min Ho, move over a little will you.. 

Lee Min Ho : Is my hair all right?...Ok,we're ready now....guys, say cheeesee !

Kim Hyun Joong : way... we're Koreans !! Guys, say Kimcheeeee!

Photograher : Just purrrfeect !

Director : Hyun Joong, lets do this scene again....
               you made unnecessary movements with your feet the last time.

Hyun Joong thinking : It was necessary, director-nim ! A bug was running up
                                  my foot...I almost passed out !

Kim Hyun Joong thinking : Okay Hyun Joong, don't look at noona's beautiful face ! You'll lose all your confidence and you'll be trembling. Don't think of the kissing scene !! That is not due for a few weeks you'll just have to dance with her ...all right, take deep breaths now...breathe in... breathe out..

Director : Ok, both of you get ready on the dance floor..

Hyun Joong thinking :  Help!!...I think I'm choking!!

Goo Hye Sun thinking : Oh it's so cold, and my stomach is growling.....there's only 3 bowls of hot ramen on the table for lunch ...the rest are sandwiches...I don't like sandwiches...too bad the 4 of us like hot ramen so much.  We had to resort to this....

Hyun Joong : Min Ho, don't laugh ! You're supposed to be dying here !!

Lee Min Ho : I know, I know...can't I pretend to be dying happily ?! 

Photo credits as labeled and google search result


miss Jj said…
i like this darama sO much :)♥
myoce said…
Hi miss Jj,

I like it also...
Min Ho is so great in it,
oh yes, I like the first song you have in your blog ^^
ı like this series, all of players r so nice :))
myoce said…
Hi Lamina,
Yes, I like it too :)
Thanks for the comment.

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