Kim Hyun Joong's condition in Korea Herald

The Korea Herald has covered Leader's condition under Culture section, quote from Oh Kyu-wook's article :

The Korean pop star had a high fever on Monday, and he had been confirmed Tuesday to be infected with the virus, the agency said.

The other group members were all cleared of having the virus and came back to Korea, leaving Kim in Japan.

"Kim's condition is getting better but he still needs medical treatment," DSP said in a statement

The complete article could be read here


Na-na said…
Thanks Myoce for your continuing to blog about SS510. It shows how much you really care about them (just like me haha..) Let's pray for Hyun Joongie speedy recovery. I am really pissed off with Swine Flu this time.
myoce said…
Hi Na-na,

I love SS501 and love blogging about them, so no need to thank me :)
But I think I've OD ed on blogging about them...though I can't help it, specially now...Hyun Joong is sick. Praying he'll get better after the optimum time [ as long as is best for him^^].

Thanks for the comment !

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