Yep ! I've been neglecting my photography lately...being too occupied with SS501's tour ^^ But now let's hope Hun Joong has relented and rested himself well [before the press con tomorrow, anyway :( ] . These bracelet were taken by me at Cuko's [my friend's store]. I usually station myself there when ever I pick chub up from school. It's comfy and out of the sun...and the best thing...I can order lunch also he he he. These are bracelets , in Indonesian a bracelet is 'gelang' and in plural becomes gelang-gelang...just repeat it. I was going to say...these bracelets and some of the asccessories I will show ..came out very very pale...cos of the sunlight and cos I'm not a good photographer :) So, I had to darken them a bit in picasa to bring out their beauty. I used to make these, but none survived after the sale...I mean they were sold out he he he.

A simple plastic one

Combination of acrylic, silver and ceramics

These below are not bracelets but for handphones hanging thingy [?] :

Accessories : Cuko's collection Bogor, Indonesia


regie said…
dear myoce,

These are beautiful bracelet.....makes me wonder, if you can make a special bracelet for me and design just for me...but how can I contact you? Let me know ya...

love n peace,
myoce said…
Hi Regie,

Long time no see !!

Ha ha...Regie, I don't make and sell them anymore. Cos they are not in trend so much now..

You know they were all the rage a few years back...that's when I was actively making them..

were you thinking to design them yourself and have them made ?

Nice to see you ^^

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