Agnes Monica Attack !!!

Okay I think it's high time for me to talk about my most favorite Indonesian artist of all time, Agnes Monica. Why her?...well according to me, nobody in Indonesia has compared to her yet [personal opinion, but I know many would agree with me.]. Wondering why a sudden "back to basic" ? Well, tell you the truth it's cos I saw her name in Allkpop ! *bllush blush* how can I NOT blog about Agnes !!! When I know she was on the same stage as SS501 and TVQX in the Asian Song Festival ...actually I should have blogged about her even though I didn't know that....please forgive me, Agnes ! ...hmmm notice I'm begining to run out of exclamation points again....Agnes tend to do that to I'm biting in real hard on this post ha ha ha....btw...she'll be appearing again in the 2009 Asian Song Festival in Seoul, South Korea...this September^^.

This is one of her gentle songs....she usually sings a totally different genre...

Video from YT by rilham2new

Don't believe me? watch this below....incidentally this is the same stage that SS501 appeared on^^ Me myself like the second song, "Shake It Off" here if you just want to see that one song....below are the 2 songs she performed in Seoul :

Video from YT by elfranca77

Okay...okay I know, I've got to see SS501 in that stage....yea, yea ... me too !! you go..., click here....and they are HOT !!...What ? you want to see SS501's rehearsal too?? Really !! it here

And here's Agnes winning The Best Singer Award from the committee of Asia Song Festival 2008, in Seoul [at the same event, SS501 received The Best Asian Artist Award ] :

Video from YT by blastoop

She has won a mountain of awards, so I can't mention them all. She's been singing from the age of 6, then she began hosting children's programs on TV. She's also a great actress....I only watch Indonesian drama....if she's in it !! Agnes won an MTV Indonesia award for Most Favorite Female Artist. Because of her work in the past, Agnes received the Most Favorite Singer and Wannabe Award in the Nickelodeon Indonesia Kids Choice Awards 2008 (The first Kids Choice Awards in Asia). Agnes still has not started her "international debut" but she won an award at the Asia Song Festival 2008 held in Seoul, Korea, as The Best Singer from the committee of Asia Song Festival 2008. Her appearance in the series Jelita made her popular in Malaysia . It was watched by nearly two million Malaysians. Agnes was involved in shooting the drama The Hospital in Taiwan, where she acted alongside Jerry Yan, a member of the band F4 . She also acted in the drama Romance in the White House alongside Peter Ho, though she only appeared in a few episodes. While generally Indonesian students finish elementary school in six years, Agnes finished only in four years. Now Agnes Monica is one of the highest paid actress in Indonesia.

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Thanks so much for posting about Agnes Monica ^_^ She's my heartthrob.
myoce said…
Hi Indonesian Heartthrob !

errr....I know she is...I did some research before I posted...and went into your blog..he he..

I will certainly post about her again...since I've started...she's so professional.

Love the song 'maneater' she performed on TV, and the dance, it's so cool...I'd like to show that and a few other things^^

Thanks for coming in to my blog :)

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