The men in my life are unwell...

I've posted these pics before, but I thought I'd experiment on them again. So sorry I haven't done any important updating , the men in my life are unwell ! First the urchin boy got sick in Japan...I was soo worried about him - actually worried still- and got a bit depressed. Then I had a terribly bad shock , hearing about Yong Joon ssi...still worried much about him too...oh ! that presscon tomorrow that he insists on attending !!.

Actually these past few days have been depressing, since the MAIN MAN in my life came down with Malaria. Had anxious moments ...but now he's better enough to take me to work. So the men in my life are all in several recuperating stages...sob sob...

Really grateful to hubby who has a great sense of humor and lets me get away with lots of things ! When I wailed , " I'm so depressed, the men in my life are unwell... Hyun Joong still not 100% healthy, Yong Joon is still ill and weak but is pushing himself hard...and on top of all this, my MAIN MAN falls ill also !! " ...he just grinned. But when I said he's THE MAIN MAN....he said, " I'm glad we're still clear on that ! " ha ha ha...I had to laugh in my misery. Well, the MAIN MAN was a real sick man a few days ago...and became my MAIN CONCERN.

Please take care of your health [that goes for me also !],
it's very precious !

Oce dear, if you're reading this........
please don't forget to take your medicine.


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