SS501 - why Baby didn't jump over Leader in Deja Vu

Yea...I saw many Green Pea Princesses discussing this fact when they saw the latest video from Quing Dao. Hmmm, maybe because the staff was worried about this happening again? :

Video from YT by pamela1387

You saw it ??....Poor Leader !! His head must have hurt a lot.

Here are some things I really dread happening again....

Video from YT by kelemana1

Video from YT by ffjrebmaster

Right now I'm wondering about what kind of first aid assistance they have if those things happen and what kind of insurance they have...

Of course leader's really a rock and continued with rehearsals even with his injury. You could see him dragging his injured foot in the videos of rehersals below, he also didn't follow all the steps like the other members...and there was no jump in the Deja Vu practice.

Video from YT by jadoobabe

Video from YT by jadoobabe

Now lets look at their Performances at the events :

Video from YT by bluejaymiesky

Video from YT by 00ray00

Okay did you see any noticeable limps from Hyun Joong??....NOPE...see any pain in his face?....NOPE, he was SMILING !!! Besides a minimum of modified or simplified moves from Hyun Joong in Deja Vu, that's only seen when you are really really trying to discern it.....nobody knew, and the jump was there^^. Well, girls and ladies...THAT is PROFESSIONALISM for you ! SS501 FIGHTING !!!

Now I really must dash, cu....


phtriples said…
hi myoce! i actually paused the 1st video a few times! haha. but i don't think baby really hit leader's head during the jump. try to pause it between 1:35 and 1:36. Leader just moved his head away, but it was a close call! Dangerous! I don't want these accidents to happen to them... always be safe SS501!
myoce said…
Hi phtriples,

I played it several times as well, I thought Baby's foot did make contact with Leader's left side of head...and HJ didn't get up immediately..had to lean a while.

But if it didn't then I'm relieved, but it is dangerous. Specially if both of them are tired, Leader might not bend low enough or Baby might not jump high enough.

Yes, I want them to be safe always also !


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