SS501 was swindled in to plagarism

Xiaochu's latest translation in Quainte is very it's all explained why it took them and DSP so long to release their new album, and it's also probably the reason why it's in a form of a MINI ALBUM instead of a FULL ALBUM ! I feel sorry Leader and all the members had to go through all that trouble. Can't wait to hear their new songs, plus the one that Baby wrote ^^

10/18 [news] SS501, “Was swindled into plagiarism”

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Popular group SS501 revealed the reason for releasing their new album later than expected at the press conference held prior to their Asia Tour concert in Taipei Taiwan on 17-Oct.

SS501’s leader, Kim HyunJoong said “We are sorry to our fans because our album release was postponed for about 2 months. During the process of recording, we were caught in a swindle. If we haven’t released it during the midst (of recording), we would have sang a plagiarized song.”

SS501 planned to release their album in August, so they started recording for the album while doing their Asia Tour concert. SS501 went to USA to look for their title song for this album, they received a song that they like from an agent and started recording it immediately. However during the process of recording, this agent continued to offer to sell this song and some other songs, and even demanded for additional (song) usage fee. Kim HyunJoong paid this agent over 8 million won. But the process of recording didn’t go on smoothly after that, DSP Media confirmed that the title song was already being released in USA.

Park JungMin revealed “After we ended our Japan concert in August, on the flight back home, we don’t know who sang this song, but we heard the song which sounded like our title song. We immediately investigate on that agent and confirmed that we were being swindled.” Kim HyunJoong said that luckily through DSP Media’s effort, the 8 million won was returned to him.

DSP Media said “We are lucky that we found out about the song during the process of recording and was able to change it. Even though we do not have any financial losses, because of this, we wasted 2 months time which is like money to us.”

After all the twists and turns, they will be releasing their new album ‘REBIRTH’ on 20-Oct with the title song ‘Love like this’. This song is composed by Steven Lee, a famous composer in USA. Steven Lee composed all 5 songs in their new album and member Kim HyungJoon wrote the lyrics for new song ‘Obsess’.


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