SS501 has arrived in Taiwan (updated)

Oh boy ! SS501 has arrived in Taiwan...YeaaaY...we'll see them in concert soon. Thank you to 대만TSTW in for posting ! photo credits to: 中央社 and Taiwan Yahoo news :

What's that hanging on Hyun Joong's neck, an alarm clock?

Manager nim looks a bit tired in red..

Oh, they look very a good mood !
Glad to see Leader's wide smile^^

Happy and lucky fans :)

Here are finally the videos ! First one is of their arrival, and the second is the subs yet. Oh, Leader's hairstyle's nice ...he looks manly not boyish now. Thank you to MiniUFO for posting the videos and also the news below in SS501UFO !

video from YT by wn090314
Oh, poor green peas...some of them fell down...hope they are all right. And..Kyu ! looks like he got attacked !! he he he....Kyu dear, it's coz they love you ^^

Video from YT by uno0708's the news :

[News] SS501 arrived in Taiwan to warm up for concert, 600 fans paralyzed airport

Credit: Yahoo News +
Please repost with full credit.

Korea idol group SS501 come to Taiwan for the 2nd time on 15 October, attracted about 600 fans to pick up their flight, on top of that, another 50 Hong Kong fans also booked their flight to follow them from Korea to Taiwan, almost paralyzed the airport.

Once they check out, immediately caused their fans to shout and run, 5 member purposely stopped their step to greet everybody: "Hi everybody, we are SS501!"

A lot of fans have been waiting at the airport since early morning, in order to leave a lasting image for their idols, some even wore Korean costume, and also personally hand-made luminous placard.

Especially member Park JungMin, upon looking at the big head comic placard which was specially made by their fans, was mused to laughter, cheering up the atmosphere on site.

The organizer also treat them with utmost respect, sending them off to the hotel using black limousine.

Upon arrival in Taiwan, other than working on their final rehearsal, SS501 will also hold their 'Latest album 'Rebirth' & Taipei Concert Celebration' press conference in Sherwood Hotel, on 16 October.

For the 'SS501 Asia Tour Persona 2009 Taipei Concert' held on 17 October, the organizer has spend tens of millions to build the stage, also specially prepared Hollywood star standard Fuji water to serve them.

The concert date is drawing closer, box office had announced an excellent ticket sales of 95%, causing all 5 members to work even harder to practice dancing. In order to get a good seat, some fans had already started queuing at Taipei Arena since last week. When SS501 knew about this, they felt very concerned and asked their fans to take care of their health, don't get sick and caught cold, and must used their best condition to celebrate together with SS501.


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