Numpang lewat [ S'cuse me, passing through..]

Yep, 'numpang lewat' means just those words in the brackets ^^ missing my mother tongue. It's strange...even though I'm writing and expressing my thoughts in English, I still am thinking in Indonesian ! But everything comes out English ! ha ha ha...there's got to be some studies done on on that.

'Key, I just want to post these pix of flowers that I took. [ If you'd like some SS501 updates, go to SS501UFO...there's many 'exclusive' news there...go...go ! The news can't be posted here, so what are you waiting for....shooo !! ..he he, just kidding^^ can look at my flowers and go ^^].

This flower [which I don't know the name of] seems to be a water plant.


Hyds said…
pretty flowers ;-) I went walking too and found my Twi-apple hehehehe
myoce said…
Oh, I love the apple you found !!

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