Psssst....smitten by SSH^^

Just every body in Korea handsome and beautiful ?
Ha ha ha...Yea, don't answer that.....

It's just that I don't watch Korean drama much, only Yong Joon nim's ones and BOF... but recently many people have been urging me to watch East Of Eden....oh boy, it's sad sad sad...and it made me skip lots of parts where there's just a mountain of sadness [do I hear groaning?]. Great acting though, no wonder it won a lot of awards ! And Lee Min Sook's an accomplished actress. Well....I came out of that drama in a daze....smitten by Song Seung Heon !!

According to what I read, he is another who is beloved in Japan. He is not allowed to fly to Japan in day time ...and he has to come through airports outside big cities....the Japanese officials made this rule for him cos it seems he causes just too big of commotion when he appears in Japan...hmm....

Okay, another question...Is every handsome actor in Korea also a singer?
LOL !!...err...don't answer that either !.....

Just wanted to share these :

Video from YT by SangberryWoo

I bet lots of us recognize that song^^ Specially JoongBoers !!Click HERE to hear another great was in a fan meet in Japan I think, and so cute....he wrote some of the lyrics on his palm and kept smiling when he has to look at it...

And I love, love his voice in this song :

Video from YT by hiulin01

Here's something made a year ago...New face of Mnet, with Hyo Lee :

Video from YT by mnet

The behind story of the CF is also interesting, click HERE. Ok, will post abt SS501 next I appear...miss em a lot .....

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iZNie said…
..i already watch EOE drama..n i really2 love him..he is very good actor..when he act in autumn in my heart im not really noticed him but in EOE, im on the spot fall to him so much..*blushing*
myoce said…
Hi iZNie...

So nice to finally 'meet' you :)
Wow, it took SSH for you to come out^^

Yes, this is the first time I know of him, I like his acting very much and it seems he doesn't act arrogant even though he is so popular and handsome...and a good singer..

No wonder you love him !

I think I will try to watch his other drama....

Can you recommend any ?

All the best,

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