Five Men of SS501, when will we see them again ?

Hmm...nice !  Leader looks more mature here....less flowery... he he he
Pay attention to their reflections on the water.... 

Oh well, we'll have to wait till tomorrow to know whether SS501 are departing to China or not, and if they full formation or not. He he ..before I went to work I read something funny about SS501's experience in Malaysia, posted by sharifah.arfah in KHJ Thread of Soompi Forum...but it was still in Malaysian Language.Since our language is not so different, I could understand it fairly, and had a good laugh before I went. When I came home this evening, I also saw it in many of you would have read it already, but I'll retell the story here with my own goes something like this : 

A reporter asked SS501 members if something funny happened during their photo-shoot. Their answer : Due to rain,we had a break in the photo shooting. We walked to the window and saw a monkey outside, so we opened the window. At that time Jung Min was eating a sandwich, and he threw his sandwich to the monkey, then something we could never imagined happened . Hundreds of monkeys suddenly came out of the hills surounding our resort, we were really shocked ! we had to starve for one day because Jung Min threw all our sandwiches to the monkeys. Hahaha...

Oh, it's like that here in Indonesia also....I saw it myself in a resort at Puncak once and one more time in Bali, I got scared in Bali and didn't dare enter the sacred forest where the monkeys were...cos sometimes they jump on your shoulder and proceed to groom your hair with out permission ^^ I remember one Japanese Lady tourist had a hard time coaxing a monkey to get down from her shoulders, the monkey was too engrossed in giving her a new hairdo [Don King style]. I didn't even dare to buy the peanuts vendors sell for tourist to feed the monkeys, one monkey dared to snatch the whole package of peanuts from someone's hand !! Of course that's just cowardy me...other people were having the time of their lives with the monkeys. 

Enough monkeying around [oh, I suddenly remember Goo Jun Pyo calling his fiancee 'monkey'] , lets go back to SS501. I also read that Leader has been going about his activities again. He filmed the Tony Moly CF already. Oh wow, I hope he's really strong enough now. Hmm it's already late here. Ok...I'll leave you with this gorgeous pix of Hyun Joong, sweet dreams everyone ! :

Doesn't he look fab? Great for a sunglasses CF ....

Photo credits : First photo to KHJ popcornfor2com / Venus and newyorkcitygirl in Soompi forum KHJ thread. second photo credit as labeled, PERFECT Kim Hyun Joong cafe and to Pucca sg thanks for uploading in Soompi KHJ thread^^


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