Kim Hyun Joong ‘threatens’ fans on ET

Here are some excerpts from GhostWriter's post in allkpop talking to Hyun Joong at the Tony Moly CF making, click HERE if you want to read the whole post in allkpop.

Kim Hyun Joong ‘threatens’ his fans on Entertainment Tonight

Yoon Hyung Bin (better known as Wang Biho) from KBS2TV's Entertainment Tonight was at the CF filming set which was apparently done two weeks ago at 3am!

In the interview, Hyun Joong talks about his filming experience, his skin care routine, Youngsaeng keeping his trophy from him, etc.

In ending, Kim Hyun Joong said sorry to his fans for making them worried over his swine flu and even 'threatened' his fans to buy SS501 CDs so that they can be active for a long time, because if not, they will end their promotions quickly

I've blogged about the CF making, but here is the video in question again ^^:

Video from YT by iBreathLifeMusic


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