Kim Hyun Joong - missing his smile and laughter

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Hyun Joong looks so solemn and smile-less these days....maybe he's always like that, but in WGM days, and in the recent family outing...we see him smile a of the reasons that I will always treasure WGM [and Hwang Bo] is that it brought a lot of smiles to Hyun Joong ! I had to dig these old pix up and put them here...looking at them, makes me smile also^^
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Anonymous said…
totally agreed with your thought. I miss those smiles when he was in WGM.
Anonymous said…
Yes! I totally agreed with you. I too missed his smile and those laughter especially in WGM. Hope he can find back his laughter soon.
myoce said…
Dear Anon 1 [sorry]

I'm still missing KHJ's smile and laughter...I hope we can see them later.

Re-watching WGM...I keep thinking he performed there very sincerely !
myoce said…
Dear Anon 2 [since there's two...]

I think he was a bit fazed with that HiNi virus thing....must have been like a bolt out of the blue for an active young man.

Hopefully he'll be much more happy and energized as his strength and body defense improve.

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