SS501 - Happy Together in Taiwan

In Taiwan SS501 had a whale of a time getting together on stage as a group, and getting together in a concert with their fans......can just imagine how happy and excited the 5 boys/men and the thousands of fans [estimated 10000 - 12000 of them] were . The return of Leader to complete the group made this performance different and special, SS501 members and Triple S have been waiting impatiently for this moment !

Blinding gold...

Nice angle...

Happiness overload :)

Handsome in pink ^^

Sizzling Q Jong !

Jung Min really looking younger with his new hairstyle...

Jung Min, SS501's "Goodwill Ambassador" !!!

Young Saeng looking more mature...despite dimples :)

Leader squirting water on Baby^^

A drenched Q !

Mal with beloved carrot ^^ he must have a houseful of them, I think fans keep giving him stuffed carrots knowing his weakness for them :)

Photo credits : Mint Angel five O one.TW // 薄荷天使501台灣後援會 ,咩咩 @,Biondie + Investigation KHJ ,, howardmm + Baidu Tieba +, and SS501UFO


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