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Oh wow, Xiaochu has done it again...she has posted the article translation in Quainte, you are fast ! Thanks so much, Xiaochu.

10/14 [news] ‘Comeback’ SS501 Kim HyungJoon, thick smoky charm ‘Explodes with pretty boy poses’

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5-member male group SS501 is coming back.

SS501 (Kim HyunJoong, Kim KyuJong, Kim HyungJoon, Park JungMin, Heo YoungSaeng) has released Park JungMin and Kim HyungJoon’s solo photo on 14-Oct for their mini album ‘REBIRTH’ set to release on 20-Oct. In the album jacket photo released, Kim HyungJoon wore smoky make up and poses for 2 images, one with darkness and one surrounded with smoke, striking a mysterious charm.

This has been 1 year 7 months since all 5 members of SS501 release an album together. SS501 released a solo collection album consisting of solo songs of each member in June.

The special edition of this album includes a 100-page flipbook diary cum photobook and poster, will be released on 20 Oct while the normal edition will be released on 22-Oct.

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Hyds said…
hehehe Myoce!!
Why do these pictures remind me of vampirism?? Lovin' it since it felt like a new coven has been created. ;-)
myoce said…
You know, Hyds....
The journalists also view them as a new coven LOL..

I read several accounts of SS501's Taiwan concert and the term "vampire style" comes out often.

Thanks to's become all the new rage in the WORLD..but no one matches or even comes close to my favorite vampire : Edward !!!!
Hyds said…
hahahaha we're definitely smitten by the sexiest vamp..LOL I couldn't agree more..stil reading the books again and again.. you've got to help me wahhhhhhh.

myoce said…
Sorry for lateee reply !! and sorry I can't help you with drowning myself ha ha have to do it yourself this time LOL !!!

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