SS501 - waiting for some news of them

Yup, still waiting for news about SS501, whether today they will be departing to Qing Dao for the Korea China Friendship Concert or not, whether Leader is healthy and strong enough to go and perform with them. Really miss them performing together don't we ! While waiting, feast your eyes on these :

Video from YT by shirbogurl21

Click HERE to go to SS501UFO  and see SS501's fan meeting in China, a total of 12 parts, plus subbed  interviews that dear shirbogurl has uploaded to You Tube....Thanks a million, shirbogurl !! so fantastic of  you to do that, and a big thanks to Mini UFO of SS501UFO for sharing these in her blog ! But everybody please, let's respect shirbogurl's wishes, okay : Do not REUPLOAD to any other video sharing website.

Click HERE to see my favorite video, I could see Hyun Joong's and SS501's fantastic dancing ! it shows that Leader really enjoys dancing ! He was so energetic and smiley all through the performance. I've blogged about this performance before...but never grow tired of it ^^ Thanks eeruda for the video in YT, you've got wonderful videos of SS501.


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