SS501 - L . O . V . E

SS501 : L.O.V.E

I'd like to thank SS501UFO and Liezle and other SS501 bloggers for gathering info and photos of the busy SS501 in these last few days. I've been so bogged down with activities that I'm soo happy to see their [fellow bloggers] hard work ...since I myself can't go around hunting for treasures^^.

For the photo above, credit goes to Investigation KHJ . For photos below, Credits as to erin + Investigation KHJ. Please repost with full credit. Do not hotlink graphics.

Hmmm Leader sure looks like a movie star of the fifties he he...

Nice shot !


For the photos below, Credit to, vc果冻爽@ Baidu Tieba. Please repost with full credit + Do not hotlink graphics.

Nice stage effects !

Wow...HYS right at the center of the golden ray...

Young Saeng stole the show and fangirls's hearts with his winks
and sexy expressions

For the photos below, Credit to 천비2@SS601 ,, vc果冻爽@ Baidu Tieba. Please repost with full credit. Do not hotlink graphics.

Baby with wild curly locks....

Do you like his hair better here?...reminds me of The Beatles !

Yes ! MiniUFO's too...I think his hair is the same
with "Snow Prince" days..


Hyds said…
Looks like you've change the entire template..liking the white background.So cool and fresh. The clear beads are really pretty..
Btw no stopping these guys..still looking hot.
I,m hoping I'm not the only trapped in the meadow ;-) Cheers!

Love lots,
myoce said…
He he..Hyds,

As they say...the only thing that is constant, is change !

So I'll be constantly changing my blog look ^^

No ur not the only one...the meadow is pretty crowded right now he he...and I've got The Host. Gonna read it on board my flight latter [ ya...I hv 2 hop to Sulawesi island for something ].

SS501 is sure going places !

Much love and a pretty pink piglet for ur dreams,
Hyds said…
It's good you mentioned that book. I brought it to work so I could read but it's just left in my bag waiting and I'm on my third round reading New Moon at the moment.. I know, I know.. I must be scared that I will not like it as much as the others.. Since you are going to read it I might have the courage to do it.. just let me know if it's worth it. I reserve it for Alex since he likes that genre.
Take care on your trip.
myoce said…
I'll let you know after I read it...oh so busy now...don't know when I'll be able to....

Hugs, myoce

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