SS501 New Mini Album Cover Revealed

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10/12 [news] SS501 New Mini Album " REBIRTH" Photo Revealed

Group SS501’s new mini album photo was revealed.
Album jacket photo of SS501’s upcoming mini album ‘REBIRTH’ to be released on 20-Oct, was released first on 12-Oct.

Though SS501 collection album which consists of members’ solo songs was released in June, this has been 1 year 7 months since all 5 members come together for an album release.

This album jacket photo that was released this time shows SS501’s masculine sexiness and intensiveness with their dark smoky make-up. A wide variety of photos were also included displaying their gratefulness towards their fans who have been waiting for them for a long time.

With the release of this album jacket photo, SS501 will also release individual members’ photos on 14th and 16th.

There will be normal and special edition of this album release, the special edition album will consist of 100-page flip book styled diary cum photo book and poster which will be released on 20-Oct while the normal edition will be released on 22-Oct. do you like their looks in the mini album cover? To tell the truth, I only recognized Jung Min and Young Saeng at first !!

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SS501 is Reborn

After a year and seven months of their hiatus as a group, these boys will be releasing a new album on the 20th of this month. The album will be called "REBIRTH", perhaps related to their revamped image of pure charisma and sexiness. Their jacket cover was unveiled today with the official release day just around the corner, exuding a strong force through their smoky make-up. The kind and gentle Jihoo sunbae is nowhere to be found in this picture.

Meanwhile, the format of their album will also be "reborn" from the plain combination of a CD and a booklet. The limited edition, which will be released on the 22nd, two days after the minialbum release, will include a hundred-page flipbook style diary and a pictorial, as well as a nice poster for our beloved Triples to hang proudly on their walls.


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