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Yep ! I've got to go and don't have a lot of time to make several I'll just put them all here...hope you don't mind ^^ guess WAS RIGHT! [hmmm isn't always satisfactory to say " I told you so !! " LOL ]. SS501's new album is a Mini Album because of the swindle !! I bet they had to cut all those plagarized songs out ! OH....still mad thinking about it...lucky, lucky SS501 and DSP to find out BEFORE instead of AFTER,imagine the ruckus it would've caused :(

Ok, here goes :

1. MiniUFO's great translation ! I do learn a lot from her blog :

Swindle during preparation of New Album. S501 Leader lost 8 million

Credit: SPN + (Chinese translation) Elsa菜 + (English translation)
Please repost with full credit.

After 1 year 7 month, finally going to release their album on 20 October, SS501 recently revealed that during production of the album they were swindled by a Korean composer.

Their company DSP expressed: "During the production of this album, they were caught in a swindle case. During the recording process, the song was always being requested to alter, and has huge difference from the original song, they started to suspect, and after investigation found out that it was stolen from one renown composer. In order not to be exposed, he made the modification. Of which, there's even copyright work from America singer Timbaland." "Coincidentally, the members heard one of the song on flight and it sounded like the song which they recorded. If they really included the song into the album, it will be consider 100% plagiarism."

There company also revealed: "As his company had insufficient fund, and Kim HyunJoong thought that the song was not bad, so as a leader, he paid on his own accord 8 million won (~USD6750) production fee.

Member Kim HyungJoon mentioned: "He is a brother whom we had known and work through thick and thin since 'UR Man', it never came to us that he will swindle us. In future, don't know whether what type of new singers would fall into his trap. He had once told us that our senior Rain's Rainism activities making film was his work, only after that then we realized it were all fabricated."

Kim HyunJoong mentioned: "Because of this, the album production time was longer than schedule, although we wish to meet with the fans earlier, however we had never predict such things will happen, the original official album had to be shrunk down into a mini album. In order to not incurred even more lost, we requested other composer and obtain very nice songs, it is considered a blessing in disguise."

2. Some excerpts from a post Alex L wrote in music, allkpop, click here to see complete post.

SS501’s Comeback Was Delayed Due To Plagiarism

It has been a year and seven months since the five boys came together to record as a whole. From the Boys Over Flowers craze to their first world tour, SS501 is bigger, stronger and better than ever.

The group's new mini-album, Rebirth, was set for release in August. However, during the creative process of compiling the record, the title track ended up being an exact replica of another American song.

"We had a different title track, but it ended up being a plagiarism copy," says SS501, "If we ended up releasing it, we could have been in a lot of legal trouble."

SS501 received their ex-title song through an unknown agency. The group recorded the song, but by the end of their Japanese leg of the tour, they realized that there was another song very similar, and then it finally became official that the song was indeed a product of plagiarism.

The boys recently wrapped up their Taipei concert with over 12,000 fans present.

3. MiniUFO...I love you for this and other yummy posts and trans ...he he he :

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong's most difficult time during influenza was quarantined alone

Credit: SS601 + (Chinese translation)紫色 + (English translation)
Please repost with full credit.

SS501 Kim HyunJoong revealed that the most difficult time when he contracted influenza was to be quarantined alone.

They held their 1st Taiwan Concert, named 'Persona' at October 17, 7.40pm (Seoul time), in Taipei Arena.

During the pre-concert press conference, Kim Hyun Joong revealed his painful memories when he was confirmed contracted AH1N1. He mentioned, "Currently I have already fully recovered. During that time, the most painful moment was to be quarantined alone in a room.", "During that time the fever went up to 39.5 degrees, and was coupled with diarrhea, cough, runny nose and other symptoms"

He continued saying: "As I was having medical treatment in Japan, it was easier to obtain treatment medicine, I was considered very lucky."

He jokingly said: "I heard that once contracted with AH1N1, you would not be contracted again. Comparing to other members, I felt more comfortable in having the Asia tour."

Heard from another member Park JungMin: "When HyunJoong was having his medication in Japan, we were given stringent medical check in hospital once we returned to Seoul." He continued to say: "Because of HyunJoong, we were worried whether this album would be a last record."

During this press conference, SS501 mentioned that their new mini album 'Rebirth' album went into a plagiarism case.

'Rebirth' was originally scheduled to release on August, however during the production process, they were swindled by a Korean composer, their most powerful song and most possible theme song was actually stolen from an oversea song.

Park JungMin said: "After the Japan concert, in the return flight, HyungJoon heard a song which had exactly same rhythm as the main theme song, then we realized about this." "Other than this song, the other few songs also was suspected for plagiarism, therefore this album was changed to a mini album."

4. Some excerpts from what Rameninmybowl wrote in general, allkpop [ click here if you want the full bowl of news ^^] :

Kim Hyun Joong Apologizes to the Fans

It looks like our thoughtful Jihoo sunbae is back again! After unveiling his revamped image of cold charisma and his " thretening" toward the fans , many probably feared that our heartthrob Kim Hyun Joong of SS501 has now turned wicked. Don't worry: Hyun Joong is still himself. He proves his sweet demeanor by making a deep apology to his Triples but not for himself. According to the Taiwanese media outlet TVBS, "Korean 'Boys Before Flowers' Kim Hyun Joong apologized to the fans on behalf of his security guards."

But why would he be sorry for the fans who obviously would've slaughtered him in hugs and smooches if it weren't for those men in black suits? Apparently, those security guards took their responsibilities slightly overboard, giving one of the fans a mild injury.

In response to this unfortunate happening, Kim Hyun Joong stated, "Our dutiful guards were just trying to protect us. I apologize for them pushing you guys so violently."

Even after the colossal fame he received after starring for Boys Before Flowers, it seems like he sustained his original modesty. It may be disappointing for fans to see their beloved celebrities turn arrogant - thankfully Hyun Joon isn't one of those guys!

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