Caught the Bug

Hmm I think I'll hide in here...

Yes I've caught a bug :( . I came home from work burning with anticipation to read BYJ updates and to see if there's any news on Leader and SS501 in China, Baby's Green Gold and Kyu's SETI. Unfortunately anticipation was not the only one was also..., right now my temperature is leaning towards BYJ's and KHJ's temp a few weeks ago. Ok ! Here are the links where you could see prompt updates and satisfy your curiosity about :

Bae Yong Joon : Here and Here

Kim Hyun Joong and SS501: Here and Here

The gardener will think I'm a part of this plant and won't spray me^^

Now that you're all taken care of, I'm hitting the pillows and diving under the quilt to fight the bug. See you all later when I've Knocked It Out ^^

Ow...taking care of those human children really took the toll on me..
Why, they pulled my tail and tweaked my ears all the time....

I think this is a good place to hide,
they will think I'm just a part of these stairs !

Photos by myoce in her mom's garden and on the Church's steps


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