Climate change - why it matters


In this post I'm not discussing BYJ or SS501, or my life....I guess I'm posting about a subject that influences everybody's life on this earth....and participating in BAD09 or Blog Action Day...what's that? here !

Most of us have heard about Global Warming, caused -among others- by carbon dioxide, which is released into the atmosphere by the burning of fossil fuels. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere prevents energy from the sun's rays to escape back into space, trapping heat like the glass of a greenhouse [Greenhouse Effect].

This rise in temperature affects rainfall patterns and cause droughts, it also causes glaciers to melt. Melting ice cause the sea level to rise , which is dangerous for low-lying areas...they could be flooded or...worse, submerged ! O dear my country, Indonesia, consists of Islands....I wonder what will happen to us if more glaciers melt.

Drought really brings misery to humans, as we depend on nature for our body's sustenance.....crops will fail and food prices would rise, and if it's really really bad....famine happens !

Humans are not the only one affected by climate change. Animals, sea life and plant life are also affected.

These are just a few aspects of climate change, but it's enough for me to feel it really matters to us, that's why I'm happy to join BAD09....even if my effort is only like one drop in the ocean.

If you are still not clear about Climate change, You could click HERE and HERE to read about it. If you'd like to know more about The Green House Effect, click HERE.

What can we do ? Well, there are 2 simple things we could do for a start :

1. Use less energy at home, for example :
Use energy saving appliances and better energy-saving lights, turn off unnecessary lights , use sunlight to light and to warm when possible, plant trees around the house to make it cool in the summer, install low-flow shower heads to use less hot water.....and many HERE to find out more about it.

2. Be efficient on the road :
Save fuel and buy an efficient's the information about it.


Below I'll put links for Hyung Joon in the Green Gold , an Environmental TV program which he participated in, but it's not subbed yet. There's lots of earth friendly, climate friendly and environmentally friendly advice you could get from this program. To mention a few : Riding bikes, saving enery and water by changing shower heads to ones which could adjust the water flow, and using an alarm to remind you of the time when you shower [we tend to get carried away ...singing in the shower^^] and lots more cool and simple advice ! Wow, Shirbogurl has done a fantastic job of uploading them in YT ! Thanks a lot :)

Episode I

Part one

Part two

Part three

Part four

Episode II :

Part one

Part two
Part three

Part four

For episode 3 and 4....err...later Ok !


Hyds said…
Hi Myoce!
Thanks for reminding us of the climate change. What scares me is the number of typhoons they get these days in Southeast Asia or the changing climate here in Europe. I haven't lived here that long but I could feel the changes each year.
I agree that awareness of our action and the consequences it brings make a steady change.
Fighting! ;-)
myoce said…
Sorry for late late reply, Hyds.

I feel like I'm living outside the house more than in....only come home to sleep....there's so much to do out there^^

You're right about the typhoons ! I read that they and other climate changes could be caused by irresponsible actions of humans.

We'll have to do our bit and as first step: make ourselves aware, before recruiting other people. So this post in my blog is 75% for me and 25% for others he he

Fighting !!

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