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A view from the window of my day..

Me so tired.....and tomorrow is another busy working day. Now it's almost 01: 20 am here in my country and I'm finally here. Feel like running a marathon...sob sob. Anyway, I want to blog a bit since I miss writing here. Just read that Yong Joon ssi has gone back to Korea, he canceled his other schedules in Japan because he's still not 100% recovered yet...he was still running a fever in those events. I think his real family in Korea is worried that BYJ might persists in carrying out those schedules. I remember the last time he was in Japan for the TWSSG event...he had non stop interviews and photo shootings. Hmmm, that reminds me of another someone who got sick in Japan and had to cancel schedules.

Hubby is still unwell he came down with thyphoid fever after the malaria ! Oh he's already gone back to the I have to do my worrying long distance, checking up on him through the cellphone. He's now in treatment and resting at home....he says  not to worry cos he doesn't feel too bad ... but of course that does not ease my anxiety :(

You know, I dread looking at the TV these days cos of the recent earthquake in my county, I feel terribly sad looking at all the images. Today there was another Earthquake in Mukumuko, Bengkulu in late afternoon, registered 5.1 RS. Actually there have been 5 earthquakes this week...the biggest one in Padang...on TV I saw rescue teams from the UN and Japan are now on location lending a helping hand. We could feel the one in Java Island, but it was not big. It 's predicted that it is possible a  bigger earthquake will happen later.

So sorry to bring depressing news and thoughts, I'll try to lift my spirits up for the next posts. Btw, we have also been experiencing strong winds in my city these few weeks...and as there are a lot of old trees along the roadsides, some of them have toppled when the strong wind came. Here are some scenes I took with my camera on my way to work and on my way back home :

This fallen tree totally blocked the road !

 Pulled up by the roots ?

 Many tree branches scattered around...
I also saw fallen street lamp-posts.

In the afternoon, people already working on the site...

Branches already cut off from  this tree....but the bottom part of the trunk is heavy, need heavier equipments...

Yep, this one's big !

I think there were no casualties, 
but I saw some buildings destroyed ....


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