Hyun Joong's Diary ^^

Hmm of course I love reading everything Hyun Joong has ever penned [ Imagine my happiness if I could get my hands on the English version of Bae Yong Joon's book....**faint**...]...err sorry there...side tracked a bit....back to Hyun Joong....yep...how could I not hug this post of MiniUFO's and bring it home to my blog to read again and again ??...Thanks a big bunch to MiniUFO who's been so generous with her time and translations !!

Hyun Joong's Diary 2009.10.16

Credit: DSP + (Chinese translation) Elsa菜@doubles501.com + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com
Please repost with full credit.

Rebirth 2009.10.16 4:44:46am

Haven't met for very long, really have been so long.
Currently just completed the schedule in Taiwan, can't fell asleep in midnite.
So, I come to greet everybody ^^

During this period, is everybody healthy?
After one year seven month, 5 of us, just like we have walked together, are coming back.
Must have waited for very long...during this period not only have personal activities but also tried using many new personalities in different activities.
But when think of SS501, the 5 of us are going to return to the stage, my heart feels very excited.
Already been nervously anticipating the starting sales of the new album.

Because of the long wait,
there are some who are shaken due to tiredness, difficulties and lonliness.
However, we will restart our role as singer in this year end.
Definitely not one person but Kim HyunJoong, Heo YoungSaeng, Kim KyuJong, Park JungMin and Kim HyungJoon, 5 of us have been together for 5 year, in order to not let this period to go in vain,
we will show you our charming side in this new album. Our feelings remained the same as originally...
From now on all 5 of us will walk together, please wait beside us.
All preparation have been completed, now only left the time to soar. ^^

1 year 7 month... knowing that it is not a short period
Having been waiting beside us, our firm supporter, you, TripleS, and all who make music together, Having enough confidence in us, we would not let you say words like "felt disappointed".
We will come back with matured and capable music.

Think a lot and also worry a lot, when the uneasiness arrived, just work hard to wait for the time. We are really going to start anew on 23 October.
Causing heart to feel difficult during these waiting period... throw all away happily
Having a lot of greed, there's a lot of happiness before comeback so will return to stage with happy feelings.
Thank you, because of everybody working hard together, then there's us, do you know? Very fast we will meet on stage.
The charming SS501 members want to have a type of music to be labelled as our music. Making a good album. Do anticipate.
Holding on a thankful heart, happily spend the time before dawn. We will complete the Taiwan concert smoothly and charmingly.
Very fast, we can meet our eternal partners.... Green Peas on stage.
Beware of flu, taking care of your health is 1st priority, understand?
*See you on 23 October

SS501 Rebirth. We are the best


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