On the way to being naughty ^^

Going to be naughty alright,
why...look at what it says on KHJ's vest..."Guilty Parties"
....guilty of being naughty.... kkkekekek....

Photo credit as labeled


pinkymomo said…
finally we can see something ^___^

OMG, can't wait to see him in real kiss!

Hyunjoong ah.... ganbatte!!
chakachan said…
What a lovely couple!!
What can I say? The naughtier..the better!!
myoce said…
He he Pinkymomo....

ME TOO.....exciting isn't it ?

Hyun Joong Kissiiiing...I mean...Fightiiiing !!
pinkymomo said…
yeah, very exciting when I saw the photo^^
I want to know how HJ handle it when he is taking this photo....
I read from the news saying that when both are taking these photos, unnecessary person have to be evacuated from the studio. ONLY few related person are allowed to stay in the studio. ^^
Well, other than this one, I think they should have taken more “intimate” poses, I suppose.
Hope to see more skinship photos in coming weeks.

19days to go!
MK hwaiting!
HyunJoong hwaiting!
Nad said…
I absolutely loved the Taiwanese version and can't wait to see our dear HJ in the Korean one!
August is going kinds slow, isn't it? LOL
myoce said…
Hahaha...Chakachan !!

The naughtier the better !!
I agreeeeee...

Does that mean we are all naughty too ?? LOL LOL
myoce said…

More and more intimate...it will be down to only the two actors, the PD and one camera man in the room !!! Hahahaha.....
myoce said…
Nad....it's very slow, and a bit gloomy.

Now that you also mention the Taiwanese version...me in two minds to watch it or not.

I wanted to watch KHJ's first...don't want to be affected by any other version and to expect something different...

But I heard there's many many kisses in it !! LOL
pinkymomo said…
hi myoce

OMG! If really happen for HJ to have this "intimate scene", all fans will definitely drive crazy and heartattack! hahahaha

Observed from fancam, he still feel awkward towards Jung So Min.
Well.... our shy boy needs some time to "warm up" a bit.

Let’s see how "naughty" he would be in MK then we will judge whether HJ is ready to go further... hehehehe!

Wow! 16days to go…… I really can’t wait for it!!

Btw, HJ is going to “absent” for MK again this week.
His schedule is so much tight now!

Leader! Ganbatte ne!!
Please rest well and eat more and more and more!!!
Nad said…

Yes there are A LOT of kisses in the Taiwanese version...some scenes in the sequel (ISWAK 2, aka They Kiss Again) are kinda racy too (for Asian dramas, at least). I'm really curious to see if the Korean version will be more tame and conservative or if they choose to be as sexy as the Taiwanese one. If they go with the latter, OMG!!!! We'll all be hyperventilating and blushing a little too!! kekeke
myoce said…
Pinkymomo !!

I'm blushing more and more LOL

"Our boy needs to warm up a bit " ??? Hahahaha.....

Well, KHJ's in Japan now...he will warm up again when he gets back ^^

They need more time to chat, bond and laugh together....wonder how it feels meeting someone new... knowing that you'll have to kiss her/him a lot in the coming months ?? LOL...Ok, my imagination is working over time...better stop here^^

Yes, I agree with you Pinkymomo...

Keep well and be healthy dear leader, take care of your health, KHJ Fightiing !!
myoce said…
Nad dear,

You just threw some gasoline in to our fire ! We were warm enuff with Pinkymomo's observations LOL LOL

We'll positively be hyperventilating now kekeke! Omy what I am saying....^___^

Nad, if it turns out as racy as the Taiwan version, then maybe I won't let my daughter watch it !
pinkymomo said…
hi myoce

LOL...okok...let's stop here :P

yeah...leader is in Japan now. Looking forward to have tons of news/pix/fancam on these few days^^

HyunJoong fighting!

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