Talented Members of SS501

 I think you all have realized by now that besides performing in SS501 as a group, each member has his own special talent. Like Leader KHJ who loves playing bass guitar since young, also excels in dancing , MC- ing on several music shows on TV [ including MBC Show ! Music Core with Brian from Fly to the Sky] and acting...the other members are also multi-talented. Won't be talking much about Leader here...cos there's still that Fourth Dimension of his that I'll be posting...

Young Saeng with his heavenly voice, who'd have no trouble going solo, also plays the piano and had DJ experience for Young Street Radio . He also has experience as MC for M-net Countdown. You could hear Young Saeng's angelic voice here as he flies you to the moon and for another look at HYS here and here , and click here to know how deep is your love on valentine's day as he duets with Baby...another member with a wow wow voice . It seem Young Saeng really hits it of with HJB ..... such great voices complementing each other ! Here they are again :

Kyu Jong already acted in a Musical Video and in a short M-net drama 'Break" and also was a DJ in Young Street Radio [taking HYS's place when he was hospitalized for surgery] and MC in several TV shows including MBC's God Of Cookery . Recently, Kyu Jong performed in Kim Dong Hee's MV...click here if you'd like to watch. Oh yes, he is also proficient in doing magic tricks... you could see his skill with cards in one of the SS501 MVs...nice !

Park Jung Min was a DJ in Young Street with Kyu and an MC in several TV shows, and had a lead role in the musical 'Grease'. [ Did you know that Leader KHJ went by himself - with out body guards - to watch Jung Min perform in the musical...but had to leave before it ended...cos there were too many fans crowding him and it caused comotion...ohh poor KHJ and PJM ! ]. PJM is also fond of tap dancing, you could see him doing it in some of the SS501 concert videos in u-tube. He took on the lead role of Danny in 'Grease' the musical. You could click here to see it, I wonder if the ones who recruited him came to SS501 concert and saw PJM doing his solo act like this here ?.....

Baby Hyun Joon has also been an MC for several TV music shows and performed in a Music Video, and now he is the sole DJ for SBS Power FM 'SS501 Music High' program...where Jung Min [ LOL ..LOL his NO 1 Enemy !!!] was the guest recently, click here to watch. He is also good in writing songs, and has teamed up with his younger brother [Ki Bum of U-kiss] to compose songs....oh, we'll be hearing about this again I bet. Meanwhile, remember when I blogged about The Elements? HJB's element is water, and I mentioned he moves gracefully like water?...well it wasn't with out proof, check this cool one out !! :

Ok, that's all from me today [mebbe...] , got to get ready for work. OHH...I notice I have two new followers....Gee...I'm honored...welcome, welcome [ actually blushing if you could see me ] don't know what to say any more girls...I hope there's something here you don't know....I'm totally new at this! I'll be brainstorming for the Fourth Dimension, hope there's an idea floating lazily somewhere out there, ready to be plucked....sigh...

Photos from SS501 latest album, taken from the internet. 

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