KHJ , Bridging Dimensions

Video from U-tube by TheAsianMission...much thanks !!

How did you enjoy Eru's song, " Black Glasses " ? Nice? ..Yep...YEP !!, Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Young Ah with famous actor Ahn Sung Ki starred in the music video...of a love that wasn't meant to be in 1950 Korea. Performed by Eru and Daylight although they don't appear at all in the music video. Not satisfied with the small screen above? Ok, you could click here to see it in U-tube.

I am posting this Bridging Dimension before I post the Third Dimension...maybe by looking at the videos here, you'll know what the next dimension will be. KHJ is a multi-talented person who develops all the talents he has been given.

Video from U-tube by Eruworld2...thanks so much :)

Oh, I enjoyed this one also, Eru, Hyun Joong and Bae Seul Gi singing on want to see it in bigger screen? click here. Hyun Joong also met Eru when he was an MC, click here to see the video, and click here to see them having fun . Below is another video with a prelude of Kim Hyun Joong's other dimension, which he performed with Kyu Jong.....Kyu Jong's not bad also. Enjoy....

Video from U-tube by ohhokie, thank you !!

Do hope you had a good time watching the videos....see you in another dimension !!


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